[thelist] Taking control of a client's computer

Christopher Mahan chris_mahan at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 09:48:35 CDT 2004

--- john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:

> > B) ftp from vnc session
> How? (to transfer files using VNC / during a VNC session)
> The VNC server machine will need an ftp server won't it? I'm
> thinking W98
> won't come with one as standard.

Ok, Admin A vncs into User B's machine. When A is in B's desktop, A
launches the command prompt, and type ftp after the c:\>
from there, A can get any file from any ftp server on the net.

> Are you thinking of using an FTP client (I use BulletProof FTP) and
> just
> pointing it at the IP address?

You'll need an ftp server for sure, but that's not hard to set up,
ultimately, if you're doing desktop support.

Also, you can use filezilla. It's free, and works well for me. (used
to use smartFTP until they went pay.

> Or dropping into text and taking
> direct to
> the FTP server?

> In which case, into what box do I type my FTP?

Any ftp server you like, your own included.

(If I seem brusk, attribute it to lack of caffeine...)

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