[thelist] Which OS to trust for keeping productive?

Dave schemer at speedeenet.com
Fri Jul 30 12:38:15 CDT 2004

Ken, well believe it or not I just bought it to test VB6 apps with (and 
Delphi which I am just now learning) so if an end user tells me 
something isn't right, I can verify and fix it. I have all prior 
versions of Windows 3.1 (not to useful anymore), Win95, Win98, WinME, 
Win 2000 Pro, WinXP Home, and now WinXP Pro. I guess everyone has all 
these. I switched to Classic mode right away, disabled messenger, system 
restore is ok as is, networking is slow to connect sometimes to other 
pc's in the group. As far as annoyances and hacks, that goofy dialog box 
that pops up everytime you put a cd in will drive you batty! And the 
time delay for explorer to open anything I read can be adjusted so its 
not so slow, Win95 was faster at this and Win98 showed signs of slowing 
down here. Other than that I got it reinstalled on another partition and 
it went smooth this time and I am happy so far...Afew adjustments and 
re-installing all my software and it will be beverage time :-)
Thanks for your input,

Ken Schaefer wrote:

>If you want it to behave like some other OS, why don't you just install the
>other OS and be done with it? Seriously - use whatever you're happy with
>(Windows, MacOS, *nix), rather than struggling with something trying to get
>it to work some other way.
>That said: Windows XP only has a few things you need to change to get it to
>work like Windows 2000:
>- disable Simple File Sharing (not required if you're in a domain)
>- right-click on task bar, and choose "Classic Start Menu" (and do some
>- set Messenger not to start automatically (you can do that via Local
>Policy, or in Messenger itself)
>- disable System Restore (not sure whether you really want to do this
>If you have decent hardware, I would leave everything else as it is (I
>personally think the themes are nice - there are some nice ones you can
>download off the 'net if you don't like the supplied ones).
>I'm not sure what registry hacks you need to get XP working like an "older

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