[thelist] .ca Registrars

noah noah at tookish.net
Sun Aug 1 15:48:55 CDT 2004

Hi Chris,

Johnson, Christopher (MTO) wrote (29/07/2004 3:17 PM):

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> Can anyone recommend a good registrar for ".ca" (Candian country code) 
> domains? I've dealt with a number of different ones, but none of them 
> has really impressed me (awkward interfaces, convoluted processes for 
> changing nameservers, etc.).
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> My recommendation would be webnames.ca. Their site is the first one that I
> go to when investigating .ca domain names. The nicest thing about
> webnames.ca is that they have central login system that allows you to manage
> all of your own domain names in one central location.

Thanks --that sounds great. I was a little put off by the price, though. 
$50/yr seems a little steep, when I can get a .ca domain for $25 elsewhere.

Maybe you get what you pay for, though . . .


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