[thelist] MM Contribute issue with editing virtual includes

Seth Thomas Rasmussen seth at sethrasmussen.com
Mon Aug 2 14:00:18 CDT 2004

Wouldn't that result in all of your pages being invalid tag soup, though,
when delivered to the client?

How about people just not use Contribute until its matured enough to support
responsible coding and development rather than throw more kinks in this
twisted hose we all deal with.

But that's just my biased opinion after a dealing with a volunteer group
where there was me suggesting a database/web-based content management
approach, and this other guy suggesting the "instant web site, keep it
simple stupid" Contribute solution... aaaand everybody else ignorant and/or
mute on the issue. So, rather than try to convince this guy to not be so
paranoid and stubborn, I caved to the Contribute solution and am now in the
same boat of trying to figure out how to reconcile responsible coding with
the idiosynchrocies of Contribute.

It's not a terrible program, and obviously they wouldn't pump so much into
it if it didn't work. I just feel like it's yet another example of
convenience being placed over things that really matter... like quality.

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> The problem is that while Contribute sees the left-navigation, it
> cannot edit it.

I have the exact same issue and no Contribute-based solution yet. If you
find one, could you let me know (off-list preferably).

One thing I thought of, but haven't tried yet: adding <html> and maybe
<head> and <body> tags to the included *.inc file. I know that's not proper
but it may be necessary for Contribute to "see" the .inc file in editing
mode and (fingers crossed) it may not affect the SSI parsing. Dunno.

Again, if you find a workaround, I'd love to know. Thanks.

Bob Haroche
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