[thelist] MM Contribute viability? (was MM Contribute errors)

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 2 14:50:32 CDT 2004

--- Seth Thomas Rasmussen <seth at sethrasmussen.com> wrote:
> Even with the Dreamweaver MX 2004 rendering engine in Contribute 3, its
> support for CSS layouts is still insufficient. In addition, I found that
> Contrib's options for limiting user editing are either too restrictive or
> too open. *shrug* Again, it's the product of an age obsessed with
> convenience and the notion that Web design is something that you can cover
> all the bases approriately with a piece of software... it's crap, but I
> understand why it exists and why people have to use it.

<me hijacks thread>

It's interesting that I just watched MM slides on this product, and on the surface it looks like a
great product. We need a CMS that IS convenient for plain old office people. I don't think MM is
saying they can cover all the bases of good web design with their product. Aren't they saying
"here's a way to easily manage your content" of that website while attempting to support

I'm seeing that as a good thing. If you are sitting in the position (like I am) of currently using
Epicentric/Vignette or WebLogic Portal for these types of applications all of a sudden MM
Contribute looks darn good on the surface. These enterprise CMSs are incredibly complex, heavy,
pricey and output HORRIFIC code. They are an absolute nightmare to work with.

The open source CMSs out there are interesting but they all seem to have their strength in one
area and lack in some other area. If MM contribute is as advertised - then it must be a darn good

So for those of you have seen it/used it (the newest version) IS IT as advertised? Sure, you might
not get the perfect standards based site built with it - I don't care. I can at least seemingly
have a site that is based on standards without layers and layers of tables, and supposedly I can
have a workflow and have normal people make changes to the site...or can I? :)

Because it seems like I can build the site template first and then have the users alter it within
that structure...


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