solution! [thelist] MM Contribute issue with editing virtualincludes

Karl Jacobs kj at
Mon Aug 2 16:30:03 CDT 2004

It was pointed out to me that under view, you can choose a file on a 
site, which allows navigation to the include file in question, and 
allows for editing! yeah!!!

>  > The problem is that while Contribute sees the left-navigation, it
>>  cannot edit it.
>I have the exact same issue and no Contribute-based solution yet. If you
>find one, could you let me know (off-list preferably).
>One thing I thought of, but haven't tried yet: adding <html> and maybe
><head> and <body> tags to the included *.inc file. I know that's not proper
>but it may be necessary for Contribute to "see" the .inc file in editing
>mode and (fingers crossed) it may not affect the SSI parsing. Dunno.
>Again, if you find a workaround, I'd love to know. Thanks.
>Bob Haroche
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