[thelist] Russian going weird

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Aug 3 09:35:45 CDT 2004

Hi list,

Take a look at the source for
http://www.thermon.com/default2.asp?SBUID=Europe, specifically at the key
words. You'll see stuff like: ???*? ??????, ? ??????????,
???°?·?°?...???'?°??, ???°?...?°?»????, but the actual keywords that I have
and are begin displayed are the actual cyrillic versions. (I'd place them
here but they'd turn into ??? marks. ) 

Our Russian folk emailed me this morning asking where they were. I replied
that the encodings on your text viewing application, do not match the
encodings on the web site. Yet, when I search for ???*? ??????,
? ??????????, ???°?·?°?...???'?°??, ???°?...?°?»???? and my company name, I
do not get results, which is good. When I search with the cyrillic text and
my company name, I DO get the results.

What's going on here?

Rob Smith

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