[thelist] How important is height when using tables?

Karl Jacobs kj at studio.aero.org
Tue Aug 3 11:16:46 CDT 2004

>>As mentioned, when you're the developer, you always want your clients using
>>the latest and greatest. However, when you're the user, you typically want
>>whatever you invested in to work forever. How many people here run out and
>>get the latest versions of /everything/ as soon as they come out (browsers,
>>server software, development tools, operating systems)? Not too many I
>Yes, companies do need to prioritize what gets upgraded and when it 
>gets upgraded. And, no, I don't think people need the "latest and 
>greatest" browser. But Netscape 4, for example, was released in 
>1997. That's 7 years old.

Yes, it's time to cut loose NS7.  And any IE earlier than 5.2.   (But 
what about WebTV?)

NS7 is so far behind, and so non-compliant now, that there is no way 
to effectively develop for it. Two corporate sites that I develop 
have now jettisoned support for NS7.

It's time.

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