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> i am very curious to know if someone could help me with a small
problem that
> i am having?

on this list, probably....

> visit sample site here: http://test.rowait.com/new/inventory.php
> problem: i want to search two columns from one input field. you can
> search for ie. 93 honda
> and i should get all the results matching those two words (numeric
as well
> as alphanumeric).
> so far, i can only search by typing a specific field, where LIKE in
> query has been used to match against possibilities.

so what is the query you are using in your search.php script? Pretty
hard for anyone to help you if we don't even know what kind of
directives are contained in your script. As far as I can tell it's
working just like it's supposed to on the link you provided, Boolean
searches may not be possible with the script you are using or it may
be the structure of the database itself.

Your question is too broad to give a reasonable answer to.




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