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A Maynes andrew at milords.com
Thu Aug 5 02:55:22 CDT 2004

Wes I have just had delivered such a product demo, more a story board
and intro for a new site.  

The flash developer who carried out this work isn't cheap but has a lot
of experience in this field he can be eccentric to the point of
frustration but he does come through with the end result after a lot of
guidance and specific instruction.  He is based in Manchester UK with
offices in Lndon too.

If you would like his webiste address and contact detail me know and
I'll sned them.

My experience and views on Flash have changed quite dramatically over
the last 6-12 months.  I used to be a anti-flash protester but I now
believe it is worth considering when done properly.  

Someone recently made an excellent point.  Why are we so obsessed with
developoing to comply with older broswer, when we should be moving
forward and developing for the generations ahead.

A well coded xhtml + css with some flash is a great combination.


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> Hi All,
>          We are looking at developing a product demo for a 
> marketing web 
> site (software) and tending to think this will be done in 
> flash.  We want 
> to keep away from the boring (which could characterize some 
> of our past 
> work) and are looking for good work to inspire us.  So here 
> are my questions:
> 1) Do you know of any examples that you really like?  And, if 
> you care to 
> share,  why do you like them?
> 2) Are you aware of any good articles/discussion on what makes a good 
> web-based product demo?
> 3) Do you have any gratuitous experience or advice you would 
> like to send 
> our way.
> thanks,
> Wes
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