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Janet Nabring-Stager jnabring at yahoo.com
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http://www.brookgroup.com/demo - Visually, I'm jealous - how did you get your screenshots of the software so clear?  Or did you use Flash/Photoshop files to create this instead?
We've been looking to create a flash demo introducing our b2b customers to the online ordering process and haven't overcome this obstacle yet.
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On 8/4/04 2:50 PM, "Wes Reed" <wes at thirdstrand.com> wrote:

>        We are looking at developing a product demo for a marketing 
> site (software) and tending to think this will be done in flash.  
So here are
my questions:
> 1) Do you know of any examples that you really like?  And, if you 
care to
> share,  why do you like them?
> 2) Are you aware of any good articles/discussion on what makes a 
> web-based product demo?
> 3) Do you have any gratuitous experience or advice you would like 
to send
> our way.

I was asking the same question a month or 2 ago, I never really got 
feedback.  I ended up building a Flash demo for a CMS system.

1. http://www.brookgroup.com/demo
   Working with my knowledge of Flash, this is what I can up with.

2.  Not really.  Google turned up messy results.  A specific search 
would help.

Janet Nabring-Stager
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