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> Subject: [thelist] Product Demos/Flash
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> Hi All,
>         We are looking at developing a product demo for a marketing 
> web site (software) and tending to think this will be done in flash.  
> We want to keep away from the boring (which could characterize some of 
> our past work) and are looking for good work to inspire us.  So here 
> are my questions:
> 1) Do you know of any examples that you really like?  And, if you care 
> to share,  why do you like them?
> 2) Are you aware of any good articles/discussion on what makes a good 
> web-based product demo?
> 3) Do you have any gratuitous experience or advice you would like to 
> send our way.

Look into http://www.qarbon.com Qarbon Viewlet Builder.

Easy as pie to use. Subject Matter experts (read people without web 
skills) can use it. Marketing people can spiff it up. Really good for 
software product demos where the SME would otherwise bury you in a 
mountain of powerpoint screenshots.


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