[thelist] site check

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Fri Aug 6 09:16:40 CDT 2004

Hi All

If you have the time could you give this site a quick test drive and let
me know what your views are, Browser and Design issues mainly? Any other
issues you think worthy of discussion.


No accessibility problems other that the visually inclined are having
trouble reading the text. It's rather pale and not enough contrast. I had to
try real hard to figure out today's date for example.

On a picky note; not design related. Why, as the customer, if I'm interested
in underwear, would I care about the facilities that make it? I don't know,
I'm a guy. Quote: "We are one of the UK's largest manufacturers, importers
and distributors of underwear, nightwear and socks for men, ladies and
children." Great. but how does that make me feel about how good your
skivvies are? I'm actually having a hard time finding anything about the
quality of products you ship.

Also, trying to find an answer I go to "Why Choose Us." I'm expecting to
find quality here... but. Quote: "Milords purpose built UK head office is
located in the heart of Leicester, offering a range of facilities and
services to our clients. In addition to this modern facility, the company
also owns a 'state of the art' production plant in the United Arab Emirates
and a nightwear/underwear factory in India." 

What are you promoting? The underwear, or the manufacturing, Distribution,
and Facilities aspect of the businesses? 

If the later, then deemphasize the products section and spruce up the other.


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