[thelist] Odd Behavior last night with MySQL Server

Wes Reed wes at thirdstrand.com
Fri Aug 6 10:53:13 CDT 2004

I retract my previous hasty red-herring comment.  Hassan is right about the 
number of columns.


At 08:03 AM 8/6/2004, you wrote:
>Rob Smith wrote:
>>These are the INSERT commands generated by the above script:
>>It all looks like it should work right?
>No. The format of the INSERT command you're using requires a value
>*for each column of the table*.
>>Ok. There are 2103 rows like this in my csv file. I've (now) confirmed that
>>5 times. Yet when I run the above script, it will sporadically skip large
>>amounts of rows?! In one particular case it will go from "429" skips to
>And there's an obvious clue -- entry 429 has 6 fields, 430 has only
>5. Too bad PHP apparently doesn't bother to pass back error messages
>(or stop entirely on error) or you'd have discovered this as soon as
>you hit item 35.  :-)
>P.S. you can use LOAD DATA INFILE to bypass this issue entirely...
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