[thelist] 3-column div hell....

Karl Jacobs kj at studio.aero.org
Fri Aug 6 13:21:20 CDT 2004

> Like someone else said, if you could give us a mockup of what you're
> trying to accomplish, we could come up with some way to do it.

Here's a link for a jpg of what I'm trying to do.  Just those three 
columns, with the two vertical rules.   The width is fixed, and 
everything is aligned left. (there are container divs for the whole 
body). The content in the divs will be changing weekly, so the length 
of that content is variable.


I've got the menu working nice in CSS as a styled UL. Just need those 
bloody columns.

This is what my css version looks like right now...  notice what 
happens to the footer.


and in IE6 it's looking like this....  (wierd top spacing issue....)


Thanks to any who can help.  I really would like to do all CSS, but I'm 
really getting tired of fight with this....

-- KJ

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