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s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Wed Aug 11 12:13:49 CDT 2004

<quote who='Bob Haroche' when='10/08/2004 18:22'>

> We're launching a new site this week which is legible but ugly in NN
> 4. We expect we might have a good number of European visitors to the
> site. I'm wondering if people can give me some stats on:
> 1. How many NN 4 visitors are you now getting?
> 2. How popular is NN 4 in Europe?
> Since this is a new site, I can't go by historical trends for this
> client. The site will be for a designer/manufacturer of artistic
> rubber stamps.

NN4's proportion is dying in Europe, except on some big companies' 
intranets where another browser deployment would be too long to be 
reasonable, but they're getting more and more rare.

Just make sure that your site is readable in NN4, don't bother too much 
on a "graphical design" for NN4.

For instance here's what I've worked on for four months (February to June):

As you can see it's all CSS-based, no-tables, etc. And so far we've 
received no complaints. It's been online for two months now.

So I'd say for sure that it's become very marginal at least, in France.

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