[thelist] Value of Input with CSS

Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Fri Aug 13 10:19:48 CDT 2004

Message from Jono (8/13/2004 10:23 AM)
>I am aware that JS is capable of my request, but like I said, I need
>something that would work if the user has JS turned off.  I was just curious
>if there was a style that could be applied to the empty text field...some
>sort of input style="whatever;" or
>I was thinking, if you can apply a background color to a input field, then
>maybe something else (like a image or snippet of a text file?) could be

Jono, I suggested this in my first email.

You can apply a background to an input field. See this page for details - 

Make your error message into a gif and use that.

The concern that both I and Andy raised is using presentation CSS to do 
functional work. It's akin to using tables for complex layouts. Yes it is 
doable, but it's not necessarily a Good Thing.


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