[thelist] adding PHP and MySQL to RedHat

sbeam sbeam at syxyz.net
Mon Aug 16 06:24:57 CDT 2004

On Monday 16 August 2004 01:38 am, Joel D Canfield wrote:
> However
> > you probably do not want fedora which as a I understand does
> > not include
> > mysql (they say it's not because of the license issues .....)
> So, upgrading to Fedora does me no good.

Sorry wrong - it does include mySQL, just not version 4.x - this I 
believe will be included in Fedora Core 3. The mySQL folks spread some 
confusion regarding their license and scared the maintainers - this 
problem is not limited to RH/Fedora.

On my current FC2 system,
$ rpm -qa | grep mysql

And again, for those of you who have been away from Redhat for while, it 
now comes with 3 choices of rpm managers similar to Debian's apt - 
up2date, yum and apt-get - this means you almost never have to find or 
deal with RPM files directly. They also can run nightly and keep every 
package on your system updated - when a security vulnerability is found 
in Fedora, my systems are usually patched before I even know about it. 
And if I wanted to install PHP and mySQL I would do
# yum install php mysql
and... done. It's that easy now.

> I'd love to upgrade. To what? If Fedora doesn't include MySQL, that
> sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

You absolutely should upgrade to Fedora. Join this list,
You will have a hard time finding any help with 7.x issues these days.

> When does it start making sense?

Once you climb that learning curve the view is terrific.


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