[thelist] Virtual private server vs. managed dedicated server

Pete Prodoehl pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com
Mon Aug 16 17:05:01 CDT 2004

Peter Van Dijck wrote:
> I'm looking for a host with some specific requirements and have a few 
> questions:
> - I don't think I want a VPS (Virtual Private Server) host, because, if 
> I understand this correctly, on a VPS you have to manage security 
> updates and such yourself. Is this correct?
> - I need the usual Apache+PHP+MySQL. I absolutely need to be able to 
> edit the httpd.conf file (htaccess is not enough).
> - Apart from that, I'd like it as managed as possible.
> - I want to spend something like $40-$140 a month.
> - I will host a few domains on this, and would like an easy to use panel 
> (like cPanel).
> - I want to host a for-pay service on this, so reliability and support 
> is important.
> Any recommendations? What type of service should I go for, considering I 
> do need httpd.conf access but I want minimum fuzz with the server 
> (updates, ...). Maybe a managed dedicated server?

I like JohnCompanies - http://johncompanies.com/

I believe they'll keep an eye on, and handle, security updates for you. 
It's a VPS setup, but it's done very well.

You'd get the Apache+PHP+MySQL combo, and can edit the httpd.conf - as 
you are root on the box (as it were.)

No control panel really, but you can install Webmin/Usermin/Virtualmin, 

(There's also a discount for open-source contributors.)

Good Luck!


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