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Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Aug 17 16:10:03 CDT 2004

Message from Mike (8/17/2004 04:13 PM)
>I would like to offer some files on my website available for users to 
>download. The files are in the EPS format (encapsulated postscript). I had 
>a large EPS file and then zipped it and uploaded it onto the website with 
>a link to the file. But when I tried to download it as a test (I was using 
>IE5mac), I received an error.

What error? A server timeout error? A file type not recognised error? A 
decompressing error after download?

>I own Stuffit Deluxe on my mac and I tried encoding the ZIP file into 
>binhex and then I uploaded the binhex file (filename.hqx). Can most users 
>open a binhex file? If so, then great - that will be my solution. But I am 
>not sure how many people can open binhex (.hqx). Is binhex very standard?

I'm not at all familiar with binhex, but then I've not used macs for 
several years. Will your intended audience be solely (or largely) Mac users?


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