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Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Tue Aug 17 19:51:09 CDT 2004


	Were you able to double-click on the notice in the bottom left
corner?  That would seem to denote some sort of scripting error.

	Let us know how the second try performs.


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Chris Johnston wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 13:13:04 -0700, Mike <designbase10 at shaw.ca> wrote:
>>I would like to offer some files on my website available for users to 
>>download. The files are in the EPS format (encapsulated postscript). I

>>had a large EPS file and then zipped it and uploaded it onto the 
>>website with a link to the file. But when I tried to download it as a 
>>test (I was using IE5mac), I received an error.
> What was the error that you received? Did you make sure that you put 
> it into a directory that was accessible from the web?

Thank you Chris, Peter and Marc for your replies. I should have been 
more clear about the details of the "error".

Here are the details of the error:
I uploaded the ZIP file to a folder on my server. I then created an html

page that had a regular link to this file. I also uploaded that html 
page too of course. Then I used my mac IE5 browser to try it out to see 
if I could download the file by clicking the link. The ZIP file was 
about 1 or 2 megs. The download lasted about 2 seconds or so and so I 
knew something went wrong - it should have taken about 30 seconds. 
During the download, the bottom left corner of the IE5 browser read: 
"error". Also the Download Manager reads the following:

name: run_ad_gray_2004.eps.zip
status: error
time: (its a blank field)
transfer: 0 bytes

My audience is mainly PC users and so from reading these helpful posts 
it would seem that I should stay away from binhex and just use ZIP. 
There are no security issue - the files are not useful to anyone other 
than those who will know they are there.

It seems like such a simple procedure - I just need to know why it gave 
me an error. I am now going to try this again with Mozilla instead of 

Maybe my ZIP file was corrupted somehow? I had better try this again...

Any other ideas?



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