[thelist] "PHP or ASP?" dilemma, strict company rules, and a hybrid web site.

Christopher Mahan chris_mahan at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 13:47:31 CDT 2004

--- Bahadir Kandemir <kandemir at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm working at HR department of an automotive company as a web
> developer. We
> are working on an intranet portal, and using C#/ASP.Net. We keep
> databases on
> a MSSQL Server 2000.

Since the decision was already made for you, you have no choice.
> I've been using PHP/MySQL for web development for 3+ years and I
> prefer using
> PHP for any kind of web development. Executive officer told me to
> use MS
> technologies, so I may not use PHP.

Did you tell them that PHP runs fine in IIS?

> Learning programming languages is not a problem for me, I can learn
> a language
> in a couple of hours, especialy if it's created by MS. I learnt C#
> after "Use MS
> technologies!" conversation, and finished developing many pages.

I noticed that to really grok a language, you need a lot more than a
few hours. 

> Many .Net
> pages are only viewed with IE because of .Net's silly code
> generation.

That's a larger issue. .NET is really crappy in that sense. They
compromise their long-term platform-switching capability. 

> I really want to use PHP for development, but i can't stop using
> .NET. On a
> coffee break, i found an idea:

> I can continue developing web applications with ASP.Net, as they
> wanted, but
> develop portal with PHP, design a CSS enabled website, then show
> ASP.Net
> web applications in (i)frames. 

Don't. The headache is not worth it.

> We can't stop using ASP.Net, but I can't design pretty pages with
> Visual Studio...

don't use visual studio.

> Tell me what you think, I need your suggestions.

Your company obviously did not care about you enough to ask your
opinion. Leave. You owe them nothing.

If you want to stay, develop .NET in C# on VS and STFU.

First: You're only a bunch of numbers to them. The company is a giant
spreadsheet, and everybody aand everything is just a number. Get that
in your head and it will make things easier. It's only money.

Second: If you want to increase your skills in particular areas to
further your career, you need to think about that. Yes you can get a
paycheck this week, but can you get a bigger one in 5 years?

Hope this helps.

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