[thelist] Tabular Report Design Question

Sam Carter scforum at iness.com
Mon Aug 23 08:22:36 CDT 2004

Thanks Marc,

Vertical headers (I didn't know they exist) are possible.  At least I have
one option thanks to your suggestion.


Can you write the headers vertically?

If you're talking styling with CSS you see an example here - 


Message from Sam Carter (8/21/2004 07:39 PM)
>A simple Yes/No column would be better, or perhaps a checkbox that is
>checked or unchecked.  However, the meaning of these narrow column values
>lost unless the column header describes the column's value.  If the Header
>says something like "Completion Status", then there's no savings at all in
>the horizontal space.
>I was hoping that someone might suggest a better solution for this problem,
>perhaps involving a legend and colored columns.  I'd appreciate seeing any

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