[thelist] "Hand Coding" in DWMX2004

Pete Prodoehl pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com
Mon Aug 23 08:39:22 CDT 2004

Peekstok, Anna wrote:
> Aaron Cole wrote:
>>Why do so many people bash Dreamweaver MX and say that they prefer to 
>>"hand code"?
> Dreamweaver is the best of the WYSIWYG editors and its site management tools
> are great, but I still go back to HomeSite (on PC) or BBEdit (on Mac)
> because Dreamweaver messes with my code...

I think the "Dreamweaver messes with my code" thing is what many 
hand-coders think, and perhaps it was true years ago. I started hand 
coding back before there were any WYSIWYG editors, I think PageMill was 
the first commercial editor I tried, and I didn't like it. I then tried 
Dreamweaver and a few others when they came out, and didn't like them 
either. By then I had become very comfortable with other means of 
editing, including my own tools.

Nowadays I don't consider Dreamweaver at all, not because of any sort of 
elitism, but because I'd need multiple copies of versions that run on 
Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, which is unrealistic under my current 
budget. I tend to utilize open-source editors/tools as well as my own 
libraries of templates, libraries and macros.


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