[thelist] ProtWare's HTML Guardian... your thoughts.

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Mon Aug 23 10:28:18 CDT 2004

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> .........if someone wants to reverse engineer your product, they


> If a compiled application can be decompiled with some degree of
> it's highly unlikely that a scripted application can be adequately

The html confabulator does keep the majority of the population from
looking at your page source, but turns into a minor exercise to those
experienced with hex, script and uuencode-ing etc. because if you
have to hide your html, then something is wrong with your server
configuration or how you are making calls to it and to some it would
seem curiouser and curiouser.

gawd, did a search on "html code protection site:evolt.org" and this
is a long discussed subject. Won't rehash the consensus that if you
put in on the net, open source or not it will at least be attempted
to be hacked and hiding basic stuff like html, javascript doesn't
work unless you are only interested in keeping the casual surfer in
the dark.



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