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Wed Aug 25 08:56:01 CDT 2004

Hi all .

Maybe you know NetSpider for Windows . It gives you a nice way of web
browsing : you introduce
your initial URL , and you get , not a conventionall page view , but simply
a list of URL . You
get to web pages not in the conventional graphic mode , but in a kind of
URL-tree mode , so
you see web pages as a list of links or URL ( NetSpider shows you both the
URL of Web page
and its elements , as well as the URL invoked within the web page towards
other different
web pages ) .

You probably know what I'm talking about . It's a great way of navigation ,
let me explain you why .
Imagine you gave an URL and you get the whole list of URLs ' towards , and
from ' that web page .
Now imagine you read that list , and you choose an invoked URL , calling
another external web page .
You click on this link ..... and you get a similar complete list of URL for
that external web page .
The great thing is that NetSpider doesn't empty the previous URL list ( the
one of the initial web page )
for showing you the new URL list ; but it shows the new URL list of the
second web page as an
indented second level list , pending from the link you chose . So you see
all your web navigation
as a tree .

I think it's fantastic , but I find a problem , and this problem is the
reason of the present
message .

Imagine you're working with NetSpider and you give as initial URL the
address " A '' . Imagine
that the web page A invokes another URL , let's call it " B " , towards a
second and
external page web . So , when you query A , NetSpider gives you something
like :


Well . Now imagine that you click on B . And now the problems come : if B
owns an
invokation towards A , NetSpider shows you this :


 You see the problem ? The solution would be that NetSpider only showed you
new links or URLs
just in case they're not existing yet within the present global list of
links , uh !

I've tried to fiend other pieces of FREEWARE like NetSpider , that solve
this problem . But I
still haven't found what I'm looking for ... (me 2 ....  ; P .... ) . This
time , the problem is that other
applications certainly generate a list of URL that avoid duplications , but
they don't follow or wait for my
navigation or my clicks , but theirs . I mean that all you can do is asking
them things like : ' Give me
all the links within this domain ' , or ' Give me all the links within
three depth levels ' .... and then
the program automatically extracts hundreds of URLs , even if you're not
interested on them .
For example : Xenu , or Intellitamper ( excellent programs ) .

So the 1$ million question :

Do you know any FREEWARE application , for Windows 98 , that let me surf in
a URL-list-style-mode ,
by omitting duplications in the list of URL , and according to my clicks
and my way of navigation ?

Thank you very much .

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