[thelist] Issue with 2k3 Server...

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Wed Aug 25 20:33:25 CDT 2004

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> Hi,
> a) It freezes every hour at that time? Or it freezes at 
> random hours, but when it does freeze it happens to be 58 
> minutes past the hour?

Every hour, without fail.

   Xx:58 on the dot!

> b) Are you saying there's nothing extra installed at all? No 
> non-default services/components? No security updates? No 3rd 
> party programs (like antivirus etc)?


> c) What does the machine look like when it's "frozen"? Does 
> it accept any user input, or it is completely "locked up"? If 
> it's not completely locked up, what's consuming CPU etc?

No keyboard input

Num lock does not light or unlight

CAPS lock does not light or unlight

Mouse will not move.

Server listing is not in Network Neighborhood on other machines

It will not PING

> d) Is it possible that the hardware is faulty?

I guess.

But I had NT Server on this machine for over a year.

> e) Is it possible the machine has been compromised? 
> (something like TCPView or netstat might help you here)

As in "hacked"?

I sort of think not, since this started right after I installed it
Friday evening. I doubt that someone hacked it within an hour of its

But then that would mean they got through the Linksys router firewall,
which as all inbound ports closed by default.


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