[thelist] Issue with 2k3 Server...

Jeff Wilhelm thelist at summit7solutions.com
Wed Aug 25 22:22:51 CDT 2004

No other hardware?

There's a motherboard, right? There are chips on it? RAM maybe? A power

There are a lot of things that can fail on a computer. I had a computer a
few years back that would shut itself off every 18 minutes or so. Turns out
there was a chip on the motherboard that had some insulation or SOMETHING
flaking off the top, and every 18 minutes or so it would overheat and the
system would power down. Then I'd turn it back on, it'd be fine, and 18
minutes later it'd shut off.

Another thing I've seen is an air condenser / conditioner turning on, and
causing just enough of a sag to fuck with the power supply on some desktops.
Of course, at work everything is UPSed, but my point is just that there are
MANY things that can be considered hardware that can break, not just
CD-ROMs, etc...

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> > Wow. Either something is majorly corrupted, or you have
> > been compromised. We have 30 or so Dell PowerEdge
> > servers, all running Windows Server 2003. They all have
> > uptime of over 2 months -- basically since they were
> > moved into the new racks in the new server room. Very
> > happy with them...  
> > 
> > I would run some system diagnosics, check the hardware,
> > maybe reinstall Windows...
> I've formatted/installed 5 times this weekend.
> I've changed primary drives 3 time.
> Current Drive is brand new, bought it Sunday.
> No other hardware. Even the CD burner is not plugged in.
> This is as plain as I can get it and still turn on.
> Thx
> Walter

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