[thelist] re: the list pages not loading

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Thu Aug 26 06:10:43 CDT 2004

Sarah wrote:
"Actually, another important question is: when you say the pages are
loading", does this mean there is a 404, some other kind of error 
message or just a blank window? It's possible that the pages are 
"loading" but not visible for some reason. For example a CSS bug might 
explain both the problem and the difference in browser rendering."

Thank you for that, maybe that's what the problem is.
I have more information now.

The guy says that the browser says that the page has loaded but all he
sees is a blank screen.
He is using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (Mac edition) 
and Mac OS 9.2

If it is a css bug or any other bug, why would these two pages not load
but all the rest will, seen as they are based on the same template?

Should I rebuild each page again from scratch, in stages to see which
part is causing the page not to show, or is there a better way?

Any insight from anyone into MAC rendering problems would be helpful as
I don't have a MAC and will be having to ask this guy to keep checking
for me.



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