[thelist] DHTML menus and frames

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Thu Aug 26 08:46:07 CDT 2004

Hi folks.

The answer this will be a "no", I suspect. But I have to ask, cos the Boss 
had his heart set on these menus.

He wants fancy DHTML menus instead of form dropdowns, which we've used 
before for years. They have submenus, they slide, they glide, they're awfu' 

They do not, however, come out over the edge of the frames they live in. 
This means that when you've a dhtml menu at the bottom of one frame, it 
vanishes "behind" the frame below, without ever being seen. The question is:

Is there any way, even a theoretical one, to make them appear over the edge 
of the frame?


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