[thelist] Issue with 2k3 Server...

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Thu Aug 26 14:33:01 CDT 2004

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> Reading over this thread, this is something that I have been 
> wondering. Is this a problem that simply happens every 58 
> minutes and you have just been rebooting the computer in such 
> a way that the reboot happens at the bottom of the hour or is 
> it directly linked to a specific time.
> Human nature would dictate that if the first lock just 
> happened to take place at xx:58 and you reboot the computer 
> (which would take about 2 minutes), then if the lock is 
> dependent on 58 minutes, this cycle would repeat itself and 
> it would appear as if the lock was time dependent -- i.e., it 
> happens at exactly xx:58.

This happens regardless of reboot time.

I thought of that as well.

I've started the machine at various times of the hour, and each time it
dies at xx:58.

That's why I was wondering what the server could be doing each and every
hour at xx:58.

That's why I turned off DNS, DHCP and Time. I couldn't think of anything
else that would do anything at a regular cycle.

And yes, I even unplugged the Ethernet cable to make sure it wasn't
something external in the network (of only 2 other machines).



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