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Tim Beadle Tim.Beadle at iop.org
Fri Aug 27 03:43:07 CDT 2004

thelist-bounces at lists.evolt.org wrote on 26/08/2004 19:11:11:
> It's a fairly long article, with many examples and suggestions. A 
> footnote indicates it was updated as recently as "2003-05-07".

Ah! You've met Jukka, then! OK, so the article wasn't updated recently, 
but the guy knows his stuff and is a stickler for detail and correctness. 
He hangs out on the WebAIM list - www.webaim.org/discussion/

FWIW, yes you will have problems if you use characters outside of the 
charset you've defined in your metatag. We had problems with people 
cutting and pasting from MS Word, leading to loads of Windows codepage 
1252 characters not displaying properly in iso-8859-1.

2 other things:

1. Isn't — a Unicode character? If so, you'd want to define a utf-8 
2. As someone else said: what's wrong with — ?

I think validation should pick these sorts of things up.



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