[thelist] code on another server

Peter Van Dijck peter at poorbuthappy.com
Mon Aug 30 12:31:01 CDT 2004

- I offer a service, say blogs, where you see your blog at 
- but you want to incorporate your blog in http://yoursite.com/blog/, 
since you already have other stuff on that domain that you'd like to keep.

A requirement is that when a user goes to http://yoursite.com/blog/, the 
URL they see in the browser continues to be yoursite.com.

Ways of doing this:
- FTP: just let the user of yoursite.com enter their FTP info in their 
admin panel at myservice.com and myservice will FTP the generated pages 
to their server (Blogger used to do this)
- ???

I'm looking for different ways of doing this. I'd like to keep it as 
easy as possible for the user of yoursite.com. They shouldn't have to do 
much more than upload a file to their server maybe, and check a checkbox 
in their admin panel at myservice.com.

I don't really like the FTP approach - it requires a "build" every time 
you change a template for example. Maybe some kind of rewritemagic would 

Thanks for any ideas!

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