[thelist] assigning IPs in IIS6

Theodore Serbinski tserbinski at washsq.com
Mon Aug 30 19:24:17 CDT 2004

>>then we want to assign site01 to ip A and assign site02 to ip B.
>>however, whenever we goto ip A, it says site not found. if we type in ip
>>A\site01, it finds it. for some reason the ip addresses are being set to
>>point to the wwwroot, instead of the sub folders. yet the home directory
>>for each site is clearly setup to the subfolder and the default website
>>has been deleted. anyone have any idea? thanks!

turns out the solution was very simple, but highly undocumented. what i 
had to do was follow these directions to setup the IP addresses:


then after that, subfolders and IP addresses were working great. however 
i noticed that PHP was acting up bigtime. did a lot more research and 
found that uncommenting the "doc_root=" line in the php.ini solved the 
PHP problems. now everything seems to be working. Windows 2003 with PHP5 
has certainly been a headache, but all working now. was it worth it, who 
knows? haha.


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