[thelist] Re: TrafficLogic?

cvos list at netpaths.net
Mon Aug 30 22:39:12 CDT 2004

I have heard of them and given their hard sell. Apparently they have
hundreds of sites they have setup themselves that they advertise your link
on. It all appears to be on a very shaky foundation - all their content
websites that I saw look identical.

Of course, once you stop paying them any traffic disappears, whereas
creating a good website of your own with quality content rich pages will
have lasting benefit.

> Anybody here have direct experience with the search engine marketing
> firm TrafficLogic?  I have two clients interested in their services.
> Google search gives a pretty good overview, but I am curious for
> Evolters' reviews if anyone has one.  Personally, they seem to be not
> worth the money they charge; the investment would be better spent on
> actual SEO.  But personal experiences would be invaluable.

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