[thelist] assigning IPs in IIS6

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Aug 31 05:24:54 CDT 2004


I think you are misunderstanding the point of httpcfg.exe

You should only need to use httpcfg.exe when you have other
application(s) that need to access the same ports that IIS does (eg
port 80). For example, if you want to run both Apache and IIS on the
same machine, and have them listen on separate IP addresses, then you
need to use httpcfg.exe

If you only have IIS listening on port 80 then httpcfg.exe is unnecessary.

This KB article explains it in much more detail:

The link you posted shows someone wishing to run ISA Server on port
80, and have IIS listen on some other port, and then have ISA Server
reverse proxy requests to IIS. This requires httpcfg.exe. Unless you
are running ISA Server, then httpcfg.exe should be unnecessary.

Unless there is something you're not telling us about your setup (eg
you wish to run multiple different web servers on the same machine), I
think you should undo the changes you have made using httpcfg.exe

Also, I'd hardly call this "undocumented" - there's plenty of
documentation on socket pooling. Socket Pooling has been used by IIS
since 1999 AFAIK.


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: >>then we want to assign site01 to ip A and assign site02 to ip B.
: >>however, whenever we goto ip A, it says site not found. if we type in ip
: >>A\site01, it finds it. for some reason the ip addresses are being set to
: >>point to the wwwroot, instead of the sub folders. yet the home directory
: >>for each site is clearly setup to the subfolder and the default website
: >>has been deleted. anyone have any idea? thanks!
: turns out the solution was very simple, but highly undocumented. what i
: had to do was follow these directions to setup the IP addresses:
: http://www.talkroot.com/archive/topic/41395-1.html
: then after that, subfolders and IP addresses were working great. however
: i noticed that PHP was acting up bigtime. did a lot more research and
: found that uncommenting the "doc_root=" line in the php.ini solved the
: PHP problems. now everything seems to be working. Windows 2003 with PHP5
: has certainly been a headache, but all working now. was it worth it, who
: knows? haha.
: ted

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