[thelist] Dreamweaver custom code snippets

Scott Blanchard sblanchard at octane8.com
Tue Aug 31 10:56:46 CDT 2004

Perhaps this is the wrong venue, but I feel that someone here will certainly
have done this before. 


I want to add my apps custom server control tags to my dreamweaver
application interface to allow them to be drag and dropped (or inserted)
into the design view. For example, we have a "menu" tag that looks like this
<x8:drawMenu runat="server" /> and I want to have a palette that contains
icons for this and other custom server objects that will allow a designer to
drag the object into the layout without having to go to source code. Once
its dragged over into the layout, a visual icon will show up that identifies
it to the designer as a custom tag.


I find I can do this with the code snippet library fine, but there is no
visual icon in design view to go along with the snippet. Anyone know how to
do this? 


Thanks for any help you can give.


` Scott


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