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Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Tue Aug 31 11:34:52 CDT 2004

Message from Rob Smith (8/31/2004 11:43 AM)
>Hi listeroos,
>I have heard so much talk about the new industry SEO and the methods in the
>days of old about exactly how to promote your web site. I'd like to make
>this an open thread and have everyone share their ideas on what you think it
>takes to effectively promote your web site and get results fast. Open this
>up to paid and free assistance.
>I start the ball rolling:
>1. Place appropriate key words about your site in the meta tags
>2. Follow all the rules about non-repeating keyword text
>3. Submit your site to leading search engines.
>4. ...

I think #1 should be:
Create valuable, relevant, up-to-date content.


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