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Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Tue Aug 31 13:13:21 CDT 2004

WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) -- A self-described fan of Google has produced a 
free software program that adds thumbnail images of Web pages to 
Google's search results page.

Andreas Pizsa told SearchEngineWatch that he developed "MoreGoogle" to 
bring to Google (GOOG 
"Amazon-like features such as user-ratings, recommendations and reviews" 
to Web searches. MoreGoogle adds links to find archived pages, related 
sites and a site's traffic statistics.

"Seeing a preview image is often useful when deciding whether to click 
through to a particular page or not," wrote Chris Sherman, associate 
editor of SearchEngineWatch, in reporting on the release of MoreGoogle.

Pizsa's program is available for download from a server in Austria, 
where he lives. On the Web site (www.moregoogle.com), Pizsa said the 
program doesn't include spyware or advertising.


I really like this.  Anyone know of any negatives?



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