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So, you know what a quine is? No? It's a script that outputs it's own
source code listing. This is a contest to write a JavaScript quine.
The contest will run until 2004-09-12. Winners in the categories First
Posted Quine, Fastest Quine, Smallest Quine, and Most Elegant Quine
will be given a GMail invite (unless they already have one, in which
case they will have to do with the glory of having won the contest).
Content rules will be as follows:

    * Since JavaScript doesn't have a standard output, the return
value of the last statement in the quine, which must be a string, will
be considered the output.
    * The usage of the internal deparser at the top level of the quine
is not allowed. This means for example using a wrapper function and
explicitly or implicitly calling the toString or toSource methods on
this function from within. (Meaning that I don't want to see something
like this:

(function quine(){return '('+quine+')();';})();


      Of course, other usages of wrapper functions are allowed.
    * The quine must run in the newest version of at least two out of
the four browsers IEW, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Safari.
    * Submissions should be mailed to me, liorean {at} gmail [dot] com.

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