[thelist] was pages not loading, it seems to be a MAC IE5 problem

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Wed Sep 1 06:36:03 CDT 2004

Lisa wrote:
" What are the technical reasons as to why a certain browser may load a
page and another may not?"
Stuart Young wrote:
"how long is a piece of string?"

A piece of string can be very long indeed but a few pointers along the
way would help to make it feel significantly shorter.

If any one has any good WebPages bookmarked that target specific
problems for IE 5 on a MAC that would be really helpful.

I have two pages in question on a site that fail to load in this browser
whilst other pages on the same site, using the same css external style
sheet and page template load fine. There is nothing complicated about
the site, just basic tables, images and css styling.



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