[thelist] Re: XML Question

Tim Kuhn Tim.Kuhn at PREMERA.com
Wed Sep 1 10:02:06 CDT 2004

It is difficult for me to understand exactly what it is you are asking. I am
unaware of an editor that will display the xml as anything but a nicely
formatted xml tree and you have received good answers for that. If you want
to see the xml formatted as tabular data you will have to do a little work
on that yourself. A simple xslt conversion could display the xml in tabular
form if that is what you are looking for. If you posted a sample of the xml
I'm sure we could give you some guidance if you are unfamiliar with xsl. I
hope that helps.

--- Scott Wolpow <scott at publiccto.com> wrote:

I have data in XML format, is there a reader that I can use to decode the 
Scott Wolpow


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