[thelist] Expiring NT Auth Sessions

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Thu Sep 2 02:33:08 CDT 2004

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> (which then causes the browser to pop-up another dialogue box). I am
> surprised that you are able to get the login dialogue box again simple
> by waiting for the ASP session to expire. You see, the browser has no
> idea when a session is supposed to expire.

Although it's not used (meant) to be used for it, perhaps it's actually 900
seconds, the Connection Timeout in Web Site Properties > Connections:

"Sets the length of time in seconds before the server disconnects an
inactive user. This ensures that all connections are closed if the HTTP
protocol fails to close a connection."

If it /is/ 20 minutes, perhaps due to Web Site Properties > Home Directory >
Configuration (the site root is configured as an 'application' by default) >
Options > Session timeout


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