[thelist] Dreamweaver Versions

Silkmaze silkmaze at t-online.de
Thu Sep 2 09:32:16 CDT 2004

I started working with the MX 2004 from the get-go. I haven't been 
having any problems like the ones you have mentioned. I'm quite pleased 
about that since I am a novice with both DW and creating a web page.

Ranjan Sengupta

Rob Smith wrote:

>Has anyone extensively worked with DWMX and DWMX 2004. I have DWMX and it's
>rather buggy, crashes on me, has caching problems, and occasionally I get
>javascript errors when moving the panels around.
>If you've worked with the later version, do you see the same problems?
>Does anyone know if there's a patch that'll fix the above problems?
>Rob Smith

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