[thelist] Dreamweaver Versions

Jono ox4dboy at comcast.net
Thu Sep 2 11:08:41 CDT 2004

On 9/2/04 10:00 AM, "Drew Shiel" <ashiel at sportsinteraction.com> wrote:

> I use Dreamweaver MX 2004, day in, day out. I have to say the only thing
> about it that annoys me is that it can't open multiple files at once.

I can open multiple files at once through File< Open..., and or by selecting
multiple files in the Finder or in to Sites (F8) pane of Dreamweaver.  I am
on a Mac, so that might be why it works, but it should, HOPEFULLY, work the
same way on a PC.  When selecting file open, I just hold down the Command
Key (Control on PC) and select as many files as I want, and open em'

I am running MX 2004, and before that MX, and before that UltraDev.  All in
all, the app is not too different as far as UI goes from version to version.
MX 2004 does handle CSS better, and makes it easier to implement with its
CSS Styles palette and editing...but I don't know who actually uses the
Style Palette feature.  I think that most people who are going the way of
CSS hand code the style sheets, and do not rely on such things as the CSS
Styles palette.  Still it is nice in certain situations.  I'd check
Macromedia's site for version differences, and perhaps post the question on
their Dreamweaver forums...don't forget to search the forums before you

One draw back of running MX 2004 on a Mac, under Panther 10.3.x is that it
is pretty clunky.  MX 2004 originally was version 7.0.0, which was horribly
slow!  Macromedia released an update, v7.0.1 which made improvements, but it
is still not as fast as its PC counterpart.  Hopefully soon it will be
totally fixed and lightning fast again.

I have never had any strange errors or crashes...ever using Dreamweaver in
any version.  IF oyu have installed 3rd part plug-ins, or extensions for JS,
then maybe you need to do a re-install of those items?

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