intranet search tool (was RE: [thelist] full text search with indexing services on Win2K server)

Joel D Canfield joel at
Thu Sep 2 13:47:35 CDT 2004

Okay, how 'bout this: on your Windows intranet, what user-friendly
method do *you* use for full-text searching of large volumes of
documents? (large meaning tens of thousands)


> I can't find info about this. Win2K indexing services seems to only
> search its own abstract of the document (the column 
> and not really the text of the documents.
> We've got thousands of docs, mostly RTF but lots of other MS and plain
> text formats. I've used Site Server in the past and been very 
> happy with
> the speed of indexing and reliability of searches. Indexing service
> doesn't seem to be doing it. Are my expectations unrealistic? 
> Should it
> be performing full text searches?

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