[thelist] Recommendation for Merchant Account Provider?

Maximillian Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Thu Sep 2 14:10:21 CDT 2004

Bob Haroche wrote:

>I work in California, US and am looking to accept credit cards for
>online orders (web dev and web hosting services).<snip />
>Ideally the merchant account provider would actually
>answer their telephone calls (so many of the low cost ones never do).
>Also a provider that could handle automated recurring payments would
>be a plus.
Any reseller offering Authorize.Net as the gateway will work for the 
recurring payments - AuthNet has an "Automatic Recurring Billing" 
module.  I would recommend PracticePaySolutions.com, except that web 
host providers are considered high-risk and are thus prohibited.  If 
you're just providing hosting to your clients (as I do), your primary 
business being web dev, they would be a great provider.  I work with PPS 
personally (presently redesigning their site), and they're quite good 
both for rates and for customer service.  Tell em I sent you!  (For your 
sake, not mine)
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