[thelist] Dynamically creating Rows/Input Boxes

Anthony Eskinazi eski at ukonline.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 15:12:41 CDT 2004

    I'm new to this forum after being suggested to come here.
Something I have been looking at all ver the net without being able for help
is the following:
I have a site in which users can enter data into multiple text boxes.
Initiall they are provided with 2 boxes.
On clicking a button, another text box would be created underneath the 2
boxes and a red cross would also appear next  to the box.
On clicking the  button yet another box would appear, on clicking the red
cross, the box would be removed.
All created input text boxes would be created with unique names.
I know I could do this with PHP technology, but was wondering if I could do
it without reloading the page each time? Can it be done straight away using
CSS or javascript? Can there be animation?
Any help would be appreciated,

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