[thelist] google droped my http: page

Rich Points rich at richpoints.com
Thu Sep 2 17:25:55 CDT 2004

Thanks for the replies but I don't think that's what happening.

<Aaron Wrote>
>You're not being penalized, it's just that people are linking to the
>'www' version of the URL, and google is awarding that site >pagerank.

This kind of makes sense but it doesn't explain why it was dropped in July
and returned in August as a 6 and dropped again in September.  I've been
maintaining a 6 on both http:// and htpp://www pages previous to July.

Most of the incoming links are pointing to http://www but there are also a
significant amount of http:// incoming links.  Given a choice I prefer
http:// over http://www.  All internal links on the site are http://

The thing is it's not two pages it's just one /index.html.  So Google
shouldn't be calling it duplicate content because its only one page.

I suspect this isn't much to worry about but I don't understand why it's

You can check out the pages here


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> Joshua Olson wrote:
> > You did read the link I posted, right?  You just haven't been caught
> > :-)
> I work with SEO, and have never heard of anyone being penalized for
> having both http://mysite.com and http://www.mysite.com. If you can find
> any examples of this specifically please let me know, as it would be a
> substancial change in how google has worked.
> The link you posted is VERY different. Instead of coming up with his own
> content, he took something that had been bouncing around, or some
> "search engine optimized" package and used that. Duplicating content is
> a PROBLEM in which people generate thousands of worthless duplicated
> pages which are optimized to get high SERPs in google and then put ads
> on them in an attempt to make money. That is what they are cracking down
>   on.
> But again, I could be wrong, and if you have any specific examples where
> someone has been penalized for having these specific subdomains I would
> be interesting.
> Aaron
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