[thelist] Re: Recommendation for Merchant Account Provider

Ilijevski Dalibor dalibor.ilijevski at softserbia.com
Fri Sep 3 02:22:31 CDT 2004

At 03:25 AM 9/3/2004  (Friday), you wrote:
>I work in California, US and am looking to accept credit cards for
>online orders (web dev and web hosting services). I've used PayPal in
>the past but am now looking for a real merchant account. Googling
>turns up a meager half million results so I'd be interested in what
>merchant account providers and Gateway re-sellers others have been
>pleased with. Ideally the merchant account provider would actually
>answer their telephone calls (so many of the low cost ones never do).
>Also a provider that could handle automated recurring payments would
>be a plus.

Try this: http://www.authorizenet.com/


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